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Yuru-Chara Grand Prix Executive Committee (hereinafter the “Committee”) thinks that it is most important thing that Committee acquires, uses and manages personal information appropriately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order that the users may use the service of the website without anxiety, on the occasion of operating the website and the other related business. Committee hereby sets forth the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) relating to handling of personal information.

1) Personal information
The term "personal information" as used in Privacy Policy means personal information specified in the Personal Information Protection Law and an attribute information such as name, sex, date of birth, e-mail address, address, telephone number, place of work, department, title, occupation, credit card information, other contact information or product purchase information which can specify an individual attribute independently or in combination.

2) Utilization of personal information
i. Committee shall protect personal information properly and may not provide personal information to third party on condition that identification of person is possible without obtaining prior principle’s consent except for cases approved under applicable laws and regulations.
ii. Personal information acquired by Committee will be used for the purpose set forth the following article. In case of providing service on media such paper media including magazine, television, radio and internet our partner companies own, Committee may use personal information in combination with our partner companies to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes stipulated in the following article.

3) Utilization Purposes of personal information
Committee may use personal information to the extent of the following purposes and the utilization purposes we indicate in acquiring personal information with the minimum necessary on performing the task.

i. Identify verification of users, administration of registered members and users for the management and notification.
ii. Sales of our products, digital contents and services.
iii. Packing and shipping of products including operation by our consignees.
iv. Invoice duties including accounting and billing.
v. Notification of information regarding service such campaign and questionnaire via internet or other measures.
vi. Information, advertising and promotion of sales of our or third party’s products via internet or other measures.
vii. Providing e-mail magazine and digital distribution.
viii. Providing information to the extent of performing the task commissioned from our patterner companies or applicable laws.
ix. Disclosure in accordance with laws and rules or execution of obligation and exercise of rights based on contract.
x. Employment and recruitment
xi. Interrogation, notification and contact to users and corresponding to after services.
xii. Contact from users, corresponding to claims.

4) Control of personal information
Committee assigns a manager in the administration office controlling personal information and takes necessary and appropriate action for the security control of personal information and supervises our attempt to protect personal information.

5) Procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension and deletion of personal information
Committee recognizes that the users have the right to disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of, cease the utilization of, erase, cease the third-party provision and receive notification of utilization purposes in relation to the personal information based on applicable laws. When requested from any person who wishes to do so, Committee shall take adequate action promptly in according with our rule for personal information.

6) Security
In case of being supplied with personal information, Committee takes precautions to prevent an illicit access from third party using an industry-standard encryption scheme called the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Committee protects information that we have judged it necessary, communicating through the SSL and making effort to ensure the safety. Committee manages and stores personal information under a strictly structured control system based on our management rules, making every possible effort to strengthen the level of its security to ensure that personal information is not lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked to third party, by means of installing fire wall and preventing viruses from infecting

7) Cookies
Our website takes technology called Cookies. Cookies may store a certain information on your computer’s drive temporarily and identify you based on the data every time it is connected. Committee provides services subject to the usage of Cookies. If you do not accept Cookies, you may not be able to enjoy our services. You can accept or refuse Cookies by setting your web browser. Please check it up as appropriate.

8) Provision of information to our partner companies or links
Committee is not concerned about the usage of personal information collected independently by our partner companies, third party websites you can access via our website or linked websites with our website. Therefore, Committee shall not assume any responsibility or duty for independent rules and activities in their businesses or sites. Please check up their privacy policies.

9) Changes in Privacy Policy
Committee may make changes or other revisions in this Privacy Policy at any time in order to protect personal information, comply with changes in applicable laws or regulations or legitimate business purposes. Such changes will be posted on this website.

10) Contact
When requested from any person who wishes to disclose, correct, add or delete the contents of, cease the utilization of, erase, cease the third-party provision and receive notification of utilization purposes in relation to the personal information, the person in charge on this matter shall respond promptly.

11) Question and request regarding Privacy Policy
If you have any questions or requests regarding Privacy Policy or the management for personal information, please ask us using the format for “inquiry” posted on this website.

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